Will a Drywall Patch Job Help You Avoid Drywall Installation

In the life of a DIY-er, there is a good chance that you will end up having to deal with drywall at some point. It may be replacing a full sheet of it or simply needing to patch up what is already there. Either way, when it comes to drywall installation and repairs, you can handle it on your own. It may not be easy to do if it is something you have never dealt with, but it is possible to discover whether a drywall patch job will help you avoid drywall installation costs.

If you are only dealing with a small crack in the drywall, you will need to widen it a little using a scraper of some kind. This will tell you if you need to cut out around the crack to brace in new drywall or if there is still a backing there for the mud or compound to attach to. After you have filled it and dried it enough that the wall is smooth again, you will be able to wash away the dust and paint the wall. No one will ever know that there was a crack in the wall.

If you have a larger problem area and there is a hole that you can tell goes completely through the drywall, you will have to work harder to fix the problem. You will want to cut the area around the hole to give you room to patch the problem. You will also need to put a brace in to hold the patch in place while your compound dries into place. A small hole may be braced with a piece of cardboard if you can figure out how to hold it in place. Larger holes may need a wooden brace. Either way, you will need to cut a piece of undamaged drywall to fill the hole. Tape and put mud where the cracks are and then let it dry completely. After you have filled it in so that there are no ripples or dips you can then wash the area down to ensure there is no dust left behind and paint it the way you want to.

In the event that you have a very large hole or a wall that is damaged around the hole, you may want to consider installing a new sheet of drywall rather than simply patching it together. You should know, this will also be the easiest method to use.

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