Understanding Drywall Installation Costs Can Help You Face Home Improvements

Installing drywall is not a real challenging task. There are many first time Do-It-Yourself-ers that tackle it daily. The trick is to do it in such a way that you will never be able to tell that the drywall is individual sheets that are butted up together to make a flat wall. People like drywall to be there, but not be noticeable, beyond the color that you choose to paint your walls. That is where a professional comes in and hopefully we will help you gain an understanding of drywall installation costs so that it will be a little easier for you to face your home improvement costs.

On average a homeowner will have to pay a hefty fee for having someone install drywall. This is because the price of the drywall combined with the labor involved with it will on average cost around $1.50 per square foot. This price may increase or decrease depending on your location and the condition of the walls before they come to install it. It also means that a square room that uses 12 full panels of drywall could easily end up costing $450+.

The cost of a drywall panel is going to cost up to $20 in most areas. Then the mud will cost you between $5 and $15 depending on whether they want it dry or premixed and ready for them to use. They will also need to have tape for covering cracks in the drywall and this takes up the price by a few more dollars. The drywall installer or construction team then have to hang the drywall and use mud and tape to ensure it is all a solid looking, flat wall. Once the mud has dried, they will sand the wall down, wash it, and prepare it for painting.

All of these steps require effort. Someone who knows how to work with drywall will do a better job than someone who has never attempted to do it before. That simple fact will also add to the cost of the job you want them to do.

The good news is, most homeowners can hang drywall without hiring a professional. It may take longer and you may have to work with it harder than a professional, but you can cut your costs on the whole drywall installation process.

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